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Cold Fusion hair extensions is one of the newest methods used for attaching extensions. Only a few salons are even using this new technique, but it is bound to catch on. Cold fusion, in just the opposite fashion of hot fusion, uses NO heat to attach the keratin bonds to your natural hair.

Instead of heat, cold fusion hair extensions uses ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic waves employ mechanic energy to the the keratin-based polymer on the tip of the extension, then it directly attaches the extension to the root of your natural hair. The keratin tips are nearly invisible and are flexible (not stiff like glue), making them feel more natural and very similar to your own hair.

One of the great advantages of using this type of fusion for extensions is that is it super gentle on the hair. The absence of heat for applying the extensions eliminates the risk of burns and scalp damage. This further makes this extension technique completely safe for men and women to have thin and weak hair.

Even men and women with alopecia are able to use this type of extension technique because it is so gentle on the fragile hair and scalp. Also, people who are re-growing their hair after chemotherapy find cold fusion hair extensions a great method for attaching hair to their new growth. Not only is cold fusion gentle on the the newly growing hair, but because it can be attached so close to the root, even those with very short hair are able to get extensions through this method.

Extensions for thinning hair require a very gentle method of attaching extensions so that it does not further damage the hair, so cold fusion extensions are a great way to add more volume without the risk of hair damage.

This type of fusion hair extensions do not come cheap. It is recommended that 100% human hair is used for fusion hair extensions. Don't skimp on the hair if you are planning on getting cold fusion extensions.

Although they are not cheap, the extensions last 3 - 6 months, which is way longer than other types of extension techniques. This time frame, of course, varies depending on hair extension maintenance and how fast your hair grows. Since, with cold fusion extensions, they are attached nearly to the root of your natural hair, this means that you have a little bit of time before it grows out.

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